Modelling platform that improves velocity of your dev-team by 80% Modelling platform that improves velocity of your dev-team by 80% 1 Visual collaboration 2 Transparent estimates 3 Jira Integration 4 IDE integration CLI Code-Gen



Visual Collaboration Realtime collaboration experience for EventStorming and EventModeling Visual Collaboration - Realtime board collaboration experience. - Event Modeling and Event Storming support : Building blocks: Commands, Events, Views, UI, Processors and Policies, Business Rules, Users, Aggregates and more.... - Schema register: Supports input for test example data and schema types. - Swim lanes


Estimate software complexity Estimate software complexity with one click! Transparent estimates - Estimate information complexity with a click. - Configure estimation formula based on team experience. - From now on - never hide any complexity


Jira integration We make EventStorming and EventModeling play nicely with Jira and ClickUp. Jira integration - Create or assign new user stories straight from Modellution - See statuses of stories directly from Modellution. - Always have links to up-to-date specs from Jira. - If you are not using Jira but other project- management software - no worries - let us know.


IDE assist Do you want a better refactor? Generate code based on spec directly in your fav. IDE IDE assist & CI/CD integration - Significantly improve code-writing experience to your team: Let your team automatically apply theirs conventions with IDE assist based on specs. - Generate BDD scenarios or contracts from CLI.

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